Managing spending can be tough; especially in a day and age where temptations such as food, clothing, car services and the entirety of can be easily ordered through a few taps on the cell phone. This is a particularly harsh reality if you are a student and do not have much available time to work and, thus, cannot earn money. Many hours a week are spent envying and complaining about those friends who either have parents that pay for everything or somehow managed to land a godsend summer internship that paid them $15 an hour.

Though I would not put it on a resume, learning to resist late night Cookout and early morning Dunkin Donuts is a skill just as useful as any other. Stay strong, soon you will graduate and get a job not relating to your degree and be tens of thousands of dollars in debt, but at least you’ll be making more money than you currently do. Here are 20 reasons why it is good to be broke.

  1. You won’t overeat (because you probably can’t afford to).

2. Thrift shopping is trendy right now so your raggedy clothes will fit right in.

3. You learn how to cook because dining out is expensive.

4. You lower your standards/expectations (Gap is high class and a $20 bill feels like $100).

5. Finding the best deal becomes an engrained instinct.

6. The poorer you are, the lighter your wallet is!

7. You learn creativity as a means of survival (i.e; using the steam from your shower to iron a shirt while you’re using dish soap to wash your hair).

8. You gain a greater appreciation for when parents pay for you.

9. You learn to expertly budget your finances because every cent matters!

10. You learn the difference between wanting and needing.

11. You discover you don’t need to go out to have fun (Night-in’s with friends can be way more fun if you do them right!).

12. Everyone hates that person who has everything handed to them: don’t be that guy, it’s good to experience the Ramen noodle life for a few years.

13. You’re following in the footsteps of some amazing people (Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z, Stephen King and many more). (

14. Road trips with friends are much more fun than plane rides

15. However, if you can’t afford a car/gas money, that’s fine! Car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States.(

16. You know that your friends aren’t just using you for your money (because you have no money).

17. You’ll find there are so many ways to entertain yourself free of charge (Have you ever gone candle smelling in Target? Minutes of fun: completely free!)

18. You’ll learn to stop impulse buying.

19. You’ll appreciate it so much more when you are finally employed with a secure salary.

20. You really learn the value of a dollar.