This is a difficult one to argue. Weight may be the one physical trait that society/media has the most demanding standards for. Women are told that they will not be found attractive if there is fat anywhere on their bodies besides their breasts and butts; men are told they must have abs like a brick wall and a jaw chiseled like a marble statue in order to appeal to women.

It’s tough. For every beautiful Instagram model’s flat stomach you see that serves as inspiration, there’s an equally beautiful Burger King commercial that serves as the snake in the Garden of Eden.

But truth be told, no matter how many times you work out, water bottles you drink or salads you eat, some people bodies just are not built to look like Barbie’s and Ken’s. While I do not endorse obesity, there’s nothing wrong with being a little overweight.


101 Reasons Why Being Fat Sucks

Stefano B. posted an article on titled 101 Reasons Why Being Fat Sucks.

101 reasons? He needs to make like Monty Python and look on the bright side of life. So many things he lists can easily be looked at as benefits of being fat.

For example, number 21 says, “Shirt stays on at the beach and pool.” This just means you have less chance of getting a sun burn and, thus, at lower risk for developing skin cancer. And number 60, “No one should ever touch you. You don’t want them touching your fat!” Is that a bad thing? Are you really complaining that you get two seats to yourself on the bus? Be thankful for your personal space, man!

Top Reasons Why It’s Better To Stay Fat

On the other hand, Patrick Razo, writer of the Coffee and Keystrokes blog, has the right idea! Razo brings up many valid points such as “Fattening Food is Much Cheaper” and “Being Fat is a Great Excuse”. Fresh vegetables and hand-picked, organic fruit are very pricey; potato chips, however, are two bags for a dollar. It tastes better and costs less, sounds good to me! Razo also says being fat is a great excuse to get out of things you don’t want to do.

Conflict: Your significant other wants to go on a date to a ropes course?

Your Response: The harnesses won’t fit or hold me, I don’t think it’s safe.

Conflict: Family wants you to fly out for the reunion party?

Your Response: I can’t afford two seats on the plane.

Conflict: Your weird friend invites you to come over and watch a movie?

Your Response: I…um…have this condition where I can’t do that…with you.

You’re forever covered.

Good To Be Fat: 25 Reasons Why

Winnie Young’s blog discusses similar benefits like people will move out of the way for you, you give better hugs and you can better withstand cold weather. Being thin means you’re not as visible so no one makes way for you, you might be too boney so hugs may actually hurt the receiver and you have no meat on you to keep you warm so November through February may be rough. Very valid points, very good way to look at it, thank you Winnie.


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